When it comes to manual home brewing coffee equipment, Hario is one of the best known brands in the world.

The V60 pour-over drippers are a popular choice making single servings with the V60-01, two cups with the V60-02 or three cups with the V60-03 - best used with the Hario Drip Scale and Buono Kettle.

The range of Hario grinders are also a popular choice, with the Skerton grinder being the best-selling grinder at the café.

Invented in 1941 by chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, the beautifully designed Chemex Coffeemaker is an elegant addition to your coffee-making equipment. Made from high quality, heat resistant glass, it has a wooden collar which serves as an insulated handle.

Used together with Chemex Bonded Filters, the Chemex makes a clean, flavourful filter coffee free of any sediment, with low bitterness.

The Aerobie Aeropress is possibly one of the most loved coffeemakers in the world. Designed for home use, the lightweight, compact and durable design makes it a popular choice when travelling. The Aeropress is also used worldwide by coffee professionals to the extent that there is a dedicated international Aeropress Championship held annually! 

The Aeropress is made in the USA from BPA-free materials and is easy to clean.

The iconic Bialetti Moka Express dates back to 1933 when Alfonso Bialetti’s metal-working company started mass manufacture of the Moka pot, or macchinetta (“small machine").
It soon became a standard in most Italian kitchens and a popular choice worldwide. There are various size and colour options available, including the Venus, a stainless steel version of the original Moka Express with a modern design.

South Africa’s only coffee lifestyle magazine features interesting and informative articles on coffee and the coffee culture in SA.

Released every quarter, the magazine focuses on various points of interest locally and internationally with discussions with coffee professionals, a look at coffee production, feedback on various coffee events and features on coffee roasters and cafés - Stereo Café has been featured too!

Manufacturing quality coffee grinders since 1999, Baratza has won various industry awards for their products - including the Virtuoso, Vario-W and Sette grinders. Stereo Café currently stocks the Encore grinder, an entry-level grinder for brewing coffee at home. Featuring 40mm conical burrs for consistent grind, a powerful motor and 40 individual settings allow grinding coffee fine enough for espresso to course enough for French press (plunger). 

American company Brewista is a manufacturer of various coffee and tea brewing products for the speciality coffee industry. Through a  collaboration between engineers, designers, coffee and tea aficionados, roasters and brewers, they provide tools that allow both professionals and home users  to make the best brewed coffee.
Stereo Café currently stocks the Brewista Smart Scale featuring six brew modes - four espresso and two for manual coffee brewing.

JURA , a Swiss company, has been developing high-end household appliances since 1931 and has been a pioneer in the automatic coffee machine market since the 1980s. 

Stereo Café is a local agent for JURA and the various automatic coffee machines available in South Africa. Both professional and domestic machines are available, including various maintenance products and accessories.


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