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We have a selection of 100% Arabica single origin coffees roasted weekly and available in 250g and 1kg options. We do not keep pre-ground coffee in stock to ensure it is as fresh as possible. All coffee is kept as beans and ground on demand to suit your needs.​

Our popular Trio blend is ideal for espresso-based drinks both at home and for restaurants and coffee shops looking to serve our locally roasted coffee.

Single Origin Coffee

Brazil Barbosa Gold

Varietal/s :Bourbon / Catuai / Mundo Novo

Altitude :  600 - 1100m

Processing : Pulped Natural

Roast: Medium

Aroma: Sweet / Floral

Acidity: Mild

Flavour - Chocolate/Nut-like

Body - Medium

Costa Rica Bromelia Fancy

Varietal/s : Caturra and Catuai – shade grown

Altitude :  1300m

Processing : Washed

Roast: Medium

Aroma: Sweet / Floral

Acidity: Mild

Flavour - Stone Fruit / Cacao

Body - Smooth

Colombia - Caffiene Free

Decaffeination process : Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

99.9% caffeine free

Roast: Medium-Dark

Aroma: Sweet / Chocolate

Acidity: Medium-Low

Flavour - Hints of Dark Chocolate

Body - Creamy

Uganda Sipi Falls

Varietal/s : Bugisu

Altitude :  1500 - 2300m

Processing : Washed Organic

Roast: Medium

Aroma: Mild Fruit

Acidity: Medium

Flavour - Hints of Citrus

Body - Smooth

Special Reserve

Malawi Misuku Highlands Gesha

Varietal/s : Gesha

Altitude :  1700m - 2000m

Processing : Washed


Roast: Light-Medium

Aroma: Sweet/Spicy

Acidity: Medium

Flavours - Stone Fruit / Mild Citrus

Body - Medium

Don Rogers Tropical Fruit Symphony

Varietal/s : Java / Caturra / Bourbon / Paché

Altitude :  1330m

Processing : Natural


Roast: Light-Medium

Aroma: Sweet

Acidity: Low

Flavours - Tropical Fruit (plums/mango/citrus)

Body - Smooth


Stereo Cafe Trio Blend

Origins : Guatamala / Brazil / Tanzania

Processing : Washed / Natural

A wonderful medium-dark roast suitable for Espresso machines and for a full-bodied filter coffee. The citrus acidity of the Tanzania shines through any milk based drink leaving a hint of dark chocolate in the finish.

If you would like to place an order, please contact us via e-mail, by telephone or by clicking on the CONTACT page.


Email info@stereocafe.co.za

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